"Read All About it!"

Recently, my pal Andy at Indigo Photography stopped by and interviewed me for the their blog! We were all participating the The Knot Giveaway contest at The Bridal Showcase.
Andy had a brilliant idea to do these interviews with all the vendors so that we could all get to properly know each other a bit better! Thank you Andy for taking the time to do these interviews! Great idea! For me, it was so funny to read an interview...with me(!)...from another perspective!
Read it here!
Indigo Photography rocks! Cheers!

Tommy + Jaclyn | Costa Rica

Good friends of ours, Tommy and Jaclyn, tied the knot in beautiful Costa Rica! We had the privilege of capturing their special wedding and all I can say is…WOW!! Firstly, the place was amazing! That was my first time splashing into the Pacific. I've never seen so many stars at night in my life! I might be slightly biased when I say this, but it was the best wedding reception…ever! Maybe it's 'cos I knew half the people there, maybe it's 'cos it was Costa Freaka, and maybe it's just because Tommy and Jaclyn have such a great story to tell! Take a wee 'mind vacation' for a minute and take a look at this highlight trailer from their fab wedding! Congratulations Tommy & Jaclyn and thank you SO much for the honor of capturing your wedding! Cheers!

Kelsey & Dan | Brawley House

Kelsey & Dan tied the knot in a beautiful front-porch ceremony at Brawley House. I love the look of excitement in Kelsey' eyes at she walks up behind Dan for their "first look"! Have a look at this sneak peek of their wedding movie:
“We are so thankful! They did such a beautiful job on our wedding! We watch our video at least 1x per month and love it more each time! Thank you SO much! Blessings,” - Kelsey

Congrats Kelsey and Dan! It was an honor being a part of your gorgeous day!

Photo Shoot | NY Bride + Kristin Vining

You gotta take a look at this! I shot and edited a "behind the scenes" film of a photo shoot for NY Bride & Groom by the uber-talented Kristin Vining. My friend Kristin, who is without a doubt, one of the best and most creative in the industry, was on a roll during this shoot. So much so, that we had to keep doing "time-checks" and fast changes just to get everything done in one day - her creativity and enthusiasm are endless! Take a peek...
Massive thanks to Lindsey Regan Thorne "LRT" {makeup, hair}, Liz Connolly {model} and Tracy Burke {NY Bride & Groom}.

Oh Blog - how I have neglected thee!

By looking at the entries on my blog (or lack thereof!!) you would assume that I haven't been busy! The reality is the opposite; shooting and editing like a mad man, with no time left to update the blog or Facebook! I'm very blessed and thankful to have been slammed busy last year and again this year and I will TRY ("try"!) to do be more frequent with the ole bloggarooney! :)

Lianne + Devin | Asheville

Some people wonder if doing a "first look" might take away from the moment of seeing each other at the ceremony. In the case of Lianne and Devin, it probably added to that moment! Take a look...

It was such an honor to be a part of Lianne and Devin's wedding and capture their day! Yet again, I am inspired as a parent; hoping that my two little girls will grow up to be like Lianne and find a bloke like Devin and be as madly in love as these two are!
Congrats L+D!

Thanks to:
Photographer: Hyer Images
Planner: Tara with Weddings with Tara
Reception Venue: The Crest Center and Pavillion, Asheville

06.24.11 Melany + Robert

Melany and Robert are so much fun! Take a peek at this short movie clip and you'll see how excited and fun-loving these two are!
“The film is amazing, we love it loads. You did a fantastic job with the video and the extras had me in stitches!
Thanks again for everything! ”
- Mel and Rob

Erica + Brandon | First Look

I absolutely loved shooting Erica and Brandon's wedding at the Ritz Carlton. Brandon didn't really want to do a "first look" but Erica persuaded him that it would be a more special and intimate moment for them to have alone before taking photos and the ceremony. It certainly was a very special moment. Take a look:
“We love it Alan!! Thank you so much, we watched it last night when I finally got home from the airport and were tearing up all over again reliving the wonderful moments. We had such an incredible day and you captured it SO WELL. We couldn't be happier! We're so impressed with the high-quality of the end product, it's easy to see in your work that you have a passion for this and really put your heart and soul in it! - Erica
Huge credit goes to Kristin Vining who had the idea that they open their gifts together and for enabling such gorgeous moments to happen!
Photography: Kristin Vining Photography
Event Planning: Weddings & The City
Flowers & Decor: Carolyn Shepard Design Group
Band: The Dickens
Venue: The Ritz Carlton, Charlotte NC

3.12.11 Nilpa + Tejas

“My whole family and myself cannot compliment you enough. We love, love, love the wedding video! - Nilpa (see more...)

I LOVED shooting this wedding! Nilpa and Tej were so easy and fun to get along with (their British accents probably made it easier and more familiar for me). Tej had an entourage of lads from London who were HILARIOUS! The skits and game-show parodies that they performed at the reception were so bloody funny!
This wedding set the record for the "most amount of footage I ever shot"!! It's a good thing that I really connected with Nilpa and Tej cos I had to look at them for such a long time!! Haha :)
Congratulations Nilps 'n' Tej - now THAT was a brilliant wedding!!

02.26.11 Meredeth & Scott

“Alan, the movie is so awesome! I don't have enough/ the right words to describe it! We are beyond thrilled with it, your work is incredible! We are so thankful that we have this wonderful keepsake from our wedding.
Thanks so much!”
- Meredeth

I met this couple at Meredeth's brother's wedding last October and they were so much fun! Meredeth's commentary was hilarious! They were married at the gorgeous Myers Park Methodist Church. I love that church; the old character, the bell-tower ringing out, the sun coming through the stained glass!
I had the pleasure of working alongside my photog pal Critsey Rowe and hubby Thomas. The band Walrus put on quite a show and party. Best wishes to you Mr and Mrs Scott Payne! :)

02.12.11 Janetta + Shawn

After Janetta and Shawn tied the knot at New Waves of Joy Baptist Church in Charlotte, they walked down the aisle and outside to where Shawn had a surprise gift for Janetta: a brand new white Land Rover! Nice, eh?! They then partied in a massive reception at the Hilton University. I had fun working alongside my friend photographer Blair Phillips.
Congrats Janetta and Shawn!

1.1.11 Emilee + Houston

Emilee and Houston were married at the Vintage Motor Club in Concord on new year's day! Chelish Moore worked her magic and transformed the Motor Club in to a beautiful venue for both the ceremony and reception. I had a blast working alongside photographer John Huneycutt. One of the highlights for me was during the photography when one of the bridesmaids started to get emotional and tear up; then Emilee started to cry, then her mum ... and then started laughing at the chain reaction! They laughed till they cried till they laughed!
Congrats Emilee and Houston!
“Thanks for our video!! it is GREAT!!! everything we wanted and so much more!!! you are the best and we are so glad you were a part of our day!!”
- Emilee

Congratulations Emilee and Houston!

11.20.10 Ashley + Mitch

Ashley and Mitch were married 32 floors up in the spectacular Charlotte City Club overlooking a sunset cityscape. Quite appropriate really, since they spend their spare time hot-air ballooning!
Take a peek at their beautiful wedding:
“Great work. We absolutely love it!”
- Ashley

Thank you Ashley and Mitch for the honor of shooting your wedding and your Love Story. Congratulations to you both!

Take a peek at a short clip from their Love Story:

11.13.10 Jori + Josh

Jori and Josh tied the knot at Byron's South End in Charlotte. This was a fun and funky wedding in every detail; from the guys' peacock feather buttonieres and Chuck Taylor shoes to Jori's short dress. I got some fun urban shots of the bridal party in the alleyways behind Byrons, shooting alongside talented photog Caroline Ghetes.

"Mazel Tov", Jori and Josh!

10.30.10: Delisa + Roger

Delisa and Roger tied the knot at Davidson College Presbyterian Church and then celebrated at River Run Country Club. The autumn leaves were bursting with color! Take a peek at this short clip showing their "first look" together.
Photography: Kristin Byrum Photography
DJ: All The Right Grooves
“We absolutely LOVED the wedding video. Everything was PERFECT and we can not thank you enough for your amazing work. It was so much fun reliving our wedding day and I was even late for work this morning because I had to watch again for the 3rd time!!! We were so fortunate that you were a part of our wedding.”
- Delisa